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BusLift® was founded in September 2004 to develop and market a new mobile column lift for heavy duty vehicles (buses & coaches, trucks …) to be sold through a network of Agents and Distributors.

Through the unprecedented know-how and expertise of its parent company, originated in the 70's, this new lift is the result of a computer-aided design validated by numerous tests in our laboratory and in the field. Our products are manufactured in the premises of the group thus enabling the use of a highly efficient production line and a proven quality control system.

> BusLift ® includes 3 lines of products :

Mobile column lift Mobile column lift with a set of comprehensive features(set of 4 mobile columns 5,5 or 6,5 tonnes non expandable to 6 columns)

Mobile column lift Advanced lift allowing the expansion to 6 columns and the lifting by pair among other useful additional characteristics. (set of 4 mobile columns 5,5 or 6,5 tonnes)

Axle stands, fork reducers, lifting beam, transmission jack, …