Easy Range

> Mobile column lift with neat and useful features.

Heavy duty lift(set of 4 mobile columns 5.5 or 6.5 tonnes non expandable to 6 columns)

Because 95% of commercial vehicles need 4 columns only to be lifted, BusLift® has designed the EASY mobile column lift that will be able to satisfy most of your requirements.

You may operate the lift by means of “dead man” type push buttons or through a remote control supplied with a 10 meters long-cable.

Example of truck lift

>Technical specification Easy range

Greasing operation

Easy bronze nut greasing operation

Over cable

Better drive over cable

Electronic card

No dedicated electronic card

Super single tyre

Super single tyre type matching































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 Capacity (metric tonnes)  5.5  6.5
 Power per column (kW)  2.2  2.5
 Net weight (kg)  335  355
 Expandable to 6 columns  -  -
 Connection  star  star
 Mechanical pallet jack   •   •
 Hydraulic pallet jack   o   o
 Operating in "individual"   •   •
 Operating in "pair"   -   -
 Operating in "group"   •  
 3 phases 50 Hz voltage  400 V  400 V
 Other voltage   -   -
 Remote control   o   o

o : option      • : standard      - : non available

> Safety first

- Low friction guiding system

- Phosphor bronze nut and safety device

- Irreversible lifting nut and screw technology

- Lifting speed : 500 mm/min

- Full CE certification

- Full synchronization control system

- Low and high limit switch

- Dead man type Up & Down push buttons

- Emergency stop on each column

- Dust-water protection level IP 55



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